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You may have seen it before, you may have not, but if this doesn't give your day a dose of amusement you're in dire straights indeed.

This is an old tv recording of a Russian singer, Eduard Khil, performing his vocalese 'Trololo' song - but it's been most amusingly and awesome-saucily dubbed, complete with the sound of the supposed audience being in approval.

Ya ya ya ya ya!
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I got your female gaze* right here! It is both hot and hilarious. I was watching the video with tears of laughter streaming down my face.

To quote [personal profile] inklingart: So this is what it feels like to be catered to.

Cut for many shirtless attractive men parading across the screen. )

*As opposed to the Male Gaze. Warning, link leads to TV Tropes! :P

Thanks to [personal profile] ein_myria, who told me about this community!
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NSFW audio

I'm not even a MLP fan, but this had me rolling in the aisles. ♥
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...and even non Glee fans who want some lulz. Two awesome tumblrs! -- ATTACK OF PEDOWILL -- Ryan Murphy's secret identity as a troll.

A side note, since some people who have seen this tumblr in the past just didn't get it: both of these were made in jest. Will Schuester is not really a pedophile, Ryan Murphy, well...
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Because I don't believe it's been posted here yet, and is such win:

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Politicians are getting so fucking catty this year, aren't they? One of my favourite slams this year is Jack Conway (KY-D Candidate) turning Rand Paul into his own little lulzcow by spreading his college history across the boob tube. I'm sorry dude, but if you're going to go into politics, you should probably avoid getting all kinds of skunked, tying up some bimbo and telling her to bow down to Aqua Buddha.

Sadly... I like Rand Paul a little more after this. Plus his hair is kind of cool. For a politician.

Of course, the madness isn't limited to Kentucky. Christine O'Donnell has been pretty popular around the internets, after she was outed for having dabbled in witchcraft. Again, if you're planning on going into politics... avoid this kind of confession on national television, okay?

A bandaid ad was run, lulz were had, and it was even auto-tuned. But this... this, my friends, is politicalol perfection:

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Sesame Street teaches the word "on."

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Not especially safe for work.

1:09-1:29 for the win.


Sep. 18th, 2010 06:25 pm
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I do not know why that dude is complaining, if I could find a pen whenever I wanted one, I would be so happy.

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