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Name:Awesome Sauce!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Spectacular Events, Fantastic Finds, and all things AWESOME!
An up and coming community devoted to spectacular events, fantastic finds, and all things just plain AWESOME.

1. Any NSFW content should be kept at a minimum, and under a cut.

2. There's a lot of awesome in the world, I know. But please limit your posts to one per day. We don't want to seem spammy to our subscribers.

3. Don't like something someone posted? Fine, but don't be a flippin' jerk. Don't tell anyone but Cuba.

4. If you don't see a tag that fits your post, don't worry - a moderator will take care of it. Otherwise, please try and tag your posts yourself.

5. While we love fresh, new, trending material, we also love classics. After all, some sauce is so awesome, it begs to be stirred again. That, and some people may have missed it the first time around. So don't get your tail in a knot when someone posts oldsauce -- just sit back, and savor the timeless flavor!

More ideas and guidelines will be whipped up in the future, so watch this space!

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