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Nudibranchs are about as saucy as they come. Amazing photos from David Doubilet here.
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Her name is Kate Miller-Heidke and wow, I think she is full of AWESOME-SAUCE!!!

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The biggest photo of the night sky ever taken

Nick Risinger has always gazed up at the sky. But last year the amateur astronomer and photographer quit his day job as a Seattle marketing director and lugged six synchronized cameras about 60,000 miles to capture an image of the entire night sky.

Risinger, 28, set up his rack of cameras in high-elevation locales in the Western U.S. and South Africa, timing photo shoots around new moons when nights were long and dark. He programmed his six cameras to track the stars as they moved across the sky and simultaneously snapped thousands of photos.

He then stitched 37,440 exposures together into a spectacular, panoramic survey sky that he posted online two weeks ago. The photo reveals a 360-degree view of the Milky Way, planets and stars in their true natural colors. Viewers can zoom in on portions of the 5,000-megapixel image to find Orion or the Large Magellanic Cloud.

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"Watch Japanese dance crew Wrecking Orchestra perform this incredibly choreographed LED light suit routine. It's a feast for the eyes!"
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You may have seen it before, you may have not, but if this doesn't give your day a dose of amusement you're in dire straights indeed.

This is an old tv recording of a Russian singer, Eduard Khil, performing his vocalese 'Trololo' song - but it's been most amusingly and awesome-saucily dubbed, complete with the sound of the supposed audience being in approval.

Ya ya ya ya ya!
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In the spirit of Steven Sharp Nelson, who was posted here at Sauce a bit ago and is also utterly amazing when layered, do give a moment of consideration and awe for this young violinist's rendition of some of the music from Skyrim -


I love modern technology - not that long ago, there would have been no way outside of their own imaginings that these people could have pulled this kind of brilliance off, much less have been able to share it with the rest of us. Thanks, Jason Yang.
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With thanks to [personal profile] skidmo for bringing this amazing Carl Sagan musical piece back to my remembrance, I wanted to share it because I was quite surprised it hadn't already been posted somewhere on this comm, it's so awesome sauce.

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This is human dubstep. I will repeat that, because it bears repeating: HUMAN. DUBSTEP.

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The following movie clip and song were pasted together - not specially edited for effect. The result is still massive amounts of win.


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I got your female gaze* right here! It is both hot and hilarious. I was watching the video with tears of laughter streaming down my face.

To quote [personal profile] inklingart: So this is what it feels like to be catered to.

Cut for many shirtless attractive men parading across the screen. )

*As opposed to the Male Gaze. Warning, link leads to TV Tropes! :P

Thanks to [personal profile] ein_myria, who told me about this community!
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NSFW audio

I'm not even a MLP fan, but this had me rolling in the aisles. ♥

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