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You may have seen it before, you may have not, but if this doesn't give your day a dose of amusement you're in dire straights indeed.

This is an old tv recording of a Russian singer, Eduard Khil, performing his vocalese 'Trololo' song - but it's been most amusingly and awesome-saucily dubbed, complete with the sound of the supposed audience being in approval.

Ya ya ya ya ya!
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In the spirit of Steven Sharp Nelson, who was posted here at Sauce a bit ago and is also utterly amazing when layered, do give a moment of consideration and awe for this young violinist's rendition of some of the music from Skyrim -


I love modern technology - not that long ago, there would have been no way outside of their own imaginings that these people could have pulled this kind of brilliance off, much less have been able to share it with the rest of us. Thanks, Jason Yang.
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With thanks to [personal profile] skidmo for bringing this amazing Carl Sagan musical piece back to my remembrance, I wanted to share it because I was quite surprised it hadn't already been posted somewhere on this comm, it's so awesome sauce.

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This is human dubstep. I will repeat that, because it bears repeating: HUMAN. DUBSTEP.

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The following movie clip and song were pasted together - not specially edited for effect. The result is still massive amounts of win.


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Violin covers of Nyan Cat, of course.

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Of all the instruments in the world... glass harp is probably my favourite.

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Q: Oh no! Your band practise clashes with the testing of the fire alarm. How do you make the most of it?

A: This.

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So unless you've been under a rock for the past few, Radiohead has a new album. That's not what this post is about though. This post is about Thom Yorke's mad dancing (skillz?). I give you the Lotus Flower video... but better.

(for the video with original audio, click here).
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This is so cute. I can't help but try to sing along. XD

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Audio is of course NSFW, as is video if your coworker/boss understands sign language.
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Parts of this are NSFW. Other parts are just not for the faint of heart. I reckon some of the footage here could be a pretty bad PTSD trigger for anyone effected by terrorism and oil wars. And I don't know about you, but it kind of reminds me of why I used to think voluntary extinction was a great idea.

There's your warning.

That said, I think this is a pretty incredible video.


Oct. 29th, 2010 11:32 pm
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Hi! I saw this for the first time the other night and, despite being hardcore against Katy Perry's music (well, mostly California Gurls and I Kissed A Girl.. the rest are kinda catchy.), I fell in love with the video AND the song. It's actually relevant to now. Body love, gay love, tons of love. And I fucking love it.

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Politicians are getting so fucking catty this year, aren't they? One of my favourite slams this year is Jack Conway (KY-D Candidate) turning Rand Paul into his own little lulzcow by spreading his college history across the boob tube. I'm sorry dude, but if you're going to go into politics, you should probably avoid getting all kinds of skunked, tying up some bimbo and telling her to bow down to Aqua Buddha.

Sadly... I like Rand Paul a little more after this. Plus his hair is kind of cool. For a politician.

Of course, the madness isn't limited to Kentucky. Christine O'Donnell has been pretty popular around the internets, after she was outed for having dabbled in witchcraft. Again, if you're planning on going into politics... avoid this kind of confession on national television, okay?

A bandaid ad was run, lulz were had, and it was even auto-tuned. But this... this, my friends, is politicalol perfection:

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This is one of those songs that you can't help but sing when it comes on. in fact my friends and I often run about shouting at the top of our lungs ( in public no less XD ) But this...this is just epic


Oct. 6th, 2010 07:43 pm
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Of course, I do not endorse what this song speaks of, but I figured it was worth sharing. *shifty eyes*

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Lissi Dancefloor Disaster - Oh My God



Sep. 26th, 2010 10:59 pm
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This song is just so damn catchy! Definitely nsfw though.

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